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Café Noir Shoes online sale

CafèNoir an Italian company, which operates since 1992 in the footwear market and for the individual accessories.

The products are born in Tuscany, near Florence, in the heart of creativity and of Italian fashion style. CafèNoir as other brands and fashion brands can count on the skin called the district excellences "of the leather district," geographic area specializing in the production of leather, shoes and bags.

The cafe noir brand women launched in 1997, has quickly become a leading reference in the market segment in which it operates.

CafèNoir is a company that supports the brand with the style creativity and constant investments

in advertising and also you invest in advertising and technology that has brought the product online cafe noir which has become known for the beauty of the models, while at our feet can be recognized at the same time for the convenience, the cafè noir shoes online you can easily order them with a simple click and you're guaranteed that your home comes a quality product and so much style.

The great results achieved in these years of activity are due synergistic action of different competitive factors.
A young brand, dynamic and flexible which helped to develop an innovative and modern culture. The company can count on a high organizational capacity which enabled a business development program over the years.

CafèNoir is a leader in Italy in the segment "Fashion Accessible", exports in the world Italian Style.

It is positioned in the segment of the market and defined the "maximum salability price," increasingly strategic segment for the international market trend.

Over the years the market has rewarded the style, design and the excellent quality / price ratio that provides a great rotation of the product, but another strong point is certainly the cafe noir shoes prices, always much cheaper than materials used and the quality of the models.

The company is present on the Italian and European market, with 2500 sales points specialized in the sale of footwear and accessories that represent the best European showcase of the sector.

The CafèNoir brand continues to grow every year for volumes of sales, brand reputation and competitive position in the market, consolidating sales volume of over one million pairs per year, especially thanks to online sales cafe noir shoes, try also the new collection of sandals high.

The cafe noir online selling shoes will always be your point of reference when you need a fair mx style and quality.

After Italy and presence in all major European countries, the brand began a few years its development in emerging countries with high growth rates, such as Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

CafèNoir perfectly interprets fashion trends and presents a wide collection aimed at a consumer with a strong feeling for glamorous products with women's shoes, bags and a line of constantly developing accessories. The range is completed with the men's line with the same characteristics.

CafèNoir is a brand with a strong identity and the well-known features

and especially totally recognizable by the final consumer. The product is the absolute protagonist of the communication and the language used has helped to make the brand a reference point on the new fashion trends. The company with this initiative aims at testing a new distribution format that provides for a range extending even to the market of glam clothing accessories and new sales approaches in line with the international retail trend.