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Rouge Italian Shoes Women's Shoes Online

New Women's Shoes Shoes Spring Summer Collection Rouge Italy

Is all Made in Italy, and it fully reflects the standards using genuine quality leather, all products are handmade in Italy according to Italian creativity and style.
Le Rouge shoes are fashionable and trendy and fully reflect the current trend by meeting the tastes of young women, teenagers, career women.
You know, the female shoe should always be beautiful and painstakingly, but one of the main and essential prerogatives of the shoe is definitely comfort.
Have a sensual footwear and trendy, in fact, is not enough. If the shoe does not have a good fit, a good grip on the ground, a good stability and conformity to the foot, the aesthetics of the shoes becomes almost zero, since, after purchase and don the first time and tested the inconvenience, we will place the in a shoe rack and we do not want more wear on any occasion!
Le Rouge shoes are unperfetto combination of aesthetics, trends and practicality.
The line of leather ballerinas it is definitely a clear example.
The dancers, very popular in the 50s, when they were thrown from the beautiful and elegant Audrey Hepburn wore in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" since then the dancers have always been class index and elegance.
Today the dancers are the shoes that give refinement, good taste and comfort for the wearer, and that he understood Rouge who created an entire line of balleriene made with the best leather and non-slip rubber sole.
Perfect to combine in every hour of the day or night and with any outfit, skin dancers can be used with sports clothes, a tight-fitting jeans, leggings, or with any kind of skirt.
They range in color from bright yellow, green, red, gold and silver, and still many bright colors such as blue, pink, orange etc to be able to be combined with any color you wear!
The dancers are ideal for any occasion. You have to go shopping with her friends and you already know that you will spend hours on their feet to walk? casual clothes and thrown into the street for a marathon in the name of the shop! If you want to spend a Sunday in the park for a picnic, a bike ride in the spring, a visit to a museum, or even a casual drink with friends ... The dancers Rounge with their characteristics and their quality / price ratio They will be ideal to take with you!
Order online with a simple click and in 24/48 hours the shoes will be in your home.