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WoZ is an Italian brand was born in 2009 in Florence is a cool brand that manufactures shoes style "ironic and lifestyle," The intention of the brand is to anticipate and reinterpret explosive trend in other countries, presenting them with its own identity.

Although the mark is 100% Italian, the etymology of the name is reminiscent of other origins: Woz actually pronounced "Uoz" because it is a stretch of "What's?". The typical expression of astonishment, perfectly clarifies the intention of the

Each season, Woz has declined several models in two collections:

Urban characterized by trendy models, colored and made of leather or fine fabrics. 90% of the models are made in Italy. The rest, Made in Europe.

Freedom provides for the exclusive use of superlight rubber; The "Cheese and Zero" models are the must-have of the collection.

"Woz, What, Wow" is the slogan that inspires URBAN collections, sneakers 100% Made in Italy: the new line embodies the essence of a brand that does not disappoint the expectations and again presents the latest trends with a great value for money.

A collection created to meet the needs of young girls and women who love the sporty-chic style, woz footwear captivates everyone!

The collections are formed dasvariati models of sneakers and slip-on full of light, comfortable boots with uppers made of stretch fabric, the very hot boot with fur inside and the inevitable decidedly extravagant ankle boots.

The woz shoes are of excellent quality, with a dynamic and cosmopolitan style, but nevertheless have an excellent quality / price ratio. Each season, Woz has several models in two collections, Urban strictly "Made in Italy" by the colorful trend ottimissima but made with quality materials such as leather or fine fabrics and Freedom which involves the use of super light rubber.

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If you are looking shoes online woman and woz woz shoes of various models click on your favorite shoes and retire to your doorstep woz your own pair of shoes.

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