Autumn/Winter Collection

When the summer is coming to an end, we begin to see some leaf falling, we think that our turn holiday at the end, when we go out in the evening with lightly dressed, we begin to need a cardigan because the sirocco is no longer so hot, ... and we begin to become aware of the fact that, unfortunately, the summer is ending!
Sadness assails us, but then we begin to think of shoes, clothes and accessories which we purchased last winter with balances and still did not get chance to wear!
Boots, ankle boots, oxfords, leather boots, moccasins have them all in our shoe, still packaged and labeled, this is how winter can also have its positive sides.
Elegant and warm suede ankle boots: timeless classics that never go out of style and are always a must for those who love the minimal chic style.
The ankle boots are really for everyone, you can use in any occasion with casual wear, classic or trendy.
We find many models, from the most classic to the most innovative, the logs are suitable for any combination and like them at all!
Maybe low, suede with interior wool that makes the hot foot, and wool is also the aspect that we find on several models. Or they can also be more feminine thanks to a convenient medium block heel, in order to make the most intriguing walking without sacrificing comfort.
Or even the beautiful classic leather boots below the knee Nero Giardini, ideal for rainy days and gray.
Use the blacks classic boots without heels with your favorite leggings: the black leather wrap your calf as if it was made, you can walk everywhere, and in this way, the rain will flow in rivers and puddles will no longer be a winter hassle, because your feet will always be dry, given the high impermeability of these boots.
Or if you want to wear boots calf for social events or important meetings in the office, you can choose the classic boot in black leather with a nice wide heel to wear with a classic skirt or elegant suit.
You can also choose the comfortable and timeless boots with lace-up closure in sight and sole tank style, very fashionable in recent times, always waterproof and breathable at the same time.
And for people who like the simplicity, comfort, who are always on the go and can not waste time ... even the classic sneakers for the winter: an ideal combination of practicality and style.
Who said that autumn and winter are the seasons darker?

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