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The Blauer brand was born in 1935 in America's leading supplier of technical garments for all the major US police forces: police, army, officers, special agents of the White House, Rangers and fireman.

As they are used they are starting to be more and more appreciated and become legendary for its high quality of construction and technical materials tested and certified to be resistant to wind, rain, snow and cold. The Blauer brand has always been a reference point for all who refuse to compromise on quality without compromise, by relying on an increasingly important brand in the clothing and footwear sector. The company produces both the female line blauer

High performance and durability: that's the motto.

In 2001 it signed the licensing agreement to become the powerful historic brand for uniforms, in the fashion market by making a work of fine selection and leaders reconstructions and especially being able to give a strong character to a style that keeps all the features essential origin of the brand.

The Blauer brand has expanded its market today becoming a real fashion line, creating collections Spring Summer - Autumn Winter Women's Shoes, Blauer has a metropolitan style with a traditional but contemporary style, aesthetics very glamorous and very high quality. The brand plunges into the atmosphere enchanted, designed by fashion solutions addressed to women! Every step of the production of shoes, is followed scrupulously to achieve an effective and surprising collection of shoes Blauer woman.

Blauer: innovative style that gives women a modern and innovative look

Lots of choices of sneakers awaits you in the online shop of Young Shoes: For Winter blauer breathable and waterproof boots, booties blauer for all tastes and looks, boots blauer to better face the strictest gloomy days! On our site you also can find the Blauer collection online balances so with sensational prices!

If you are a dynamic person that loves the heat and already you're preparing your next trip, choose on our site spring summer collection blauer! These shoes evoke a style of life and adventurous youth and studied the style of very clean lines with simplicity and naturalness of all the proposed models. Women's proposals are played on extravagant color solutions and lend themselves to original combinations. Studies of the most original outfits accented with a pair of shoes Blauer, trying to give your femininity a rock style or romantic. Blauer summer is to have fun, color and style!

Sports-shoes Blauer

In the window of Young Shoes you find shoes that you will find indispensable to renew your shoe rack, using shoes that enhance the garments needed: pants, t-shirts and jackets that help you bring creativity to your outfit.

The collection shoes Blauer fact guarantees use of resistant and durable quality materials such as uniforms, even if chosen with a softer hand to give more comfort to everyday clothing.

Entrusted to the quality and impeccable style and gritty of Blaurer, you will find many models to choose the right one for you.