Drunknmunky online colored sneakers and Bags

Colorful shoes, trendy, modern and innovative! This is the unmistakable style Drunknmunky, an entire brand Made in California who then has proliferated around the world capturing children and young people thanks to the originality, as well as the unmistakable logo represented by a colorful and stylized monkey, colors and shapes . The name of the brand is all Drunknmunky East: it is a form of Kung-fu very old practiced by Shaolin monks.

Combined colors in an original, innovative and mixed together, tissues that are the result of high technology.

Which make the product as well as aesthetically appealing, also high quality, thanks to the attention that the brand to the comfortable fit of the shoes to ensure the wearer good posture and comfort throughout the day thanks to the rubber sole and footbed that molds to the foot.

Modern and contemporary, the Drunknmunky brand was born in the '90s anticipating fashion with a style of urban style that expresses the freedom and agility. Currently known internationally, he has found wide acceptance in Italy, where the brand continues to expand and conquer more and more of the sporty style lovers, from children to adults, because Drunknmunky also realizes the line shoes "child". The goal of the brand is' to represent all those who are not afraid to be who they are, a phrase that immediately identifies the target audience: innovative and unconventional.

Also present at the last edition of Pitti Uomo with a dedicated corner, the brand with the little monkey is becoming increasingly popular among lovers of metropolitan style: the new collections also include the vintage models that are truly original. High-top sneakers in canvas and suede vulcanised rubber sole low cut and chic line, and Boston, unconventional and high-cut, both inspired by the athletic shoe 70 years, you can find them in blue, mustard, gray and oil , cotton washed and aged and contrasting sole.

"Young people are our future, support their education is our duty"

This is the Drunknmunky slogans. Year after year, continues on her journey to innovate with new models, new materials, with a soul fresh but determined: sneakers women and man, garments are suitable for young people but not all.

The audience to which it is addressed the brand is dynamic, sportsman who wants to stand out and be noticed, and expresses his personality through his way of being, but also to appear.

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