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The historical maison of prêt-à-porter Byblos, brand born in 1973 in Italy, and today, in the fashion scene, is considered a famous international fashion brand, giving it a unique style and well defined. Byblos is open to the careful selection of materials and an almost obsessive attention to detail are the vehicle of artistic creativity, inspiration from nature, art, music and culture, the creations of this designer are a futuristic mix between the modern and traditional aesthetics.

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Only on our TopShop Shoes On Line you can find products like byblos byblos sneakers female but also male byblos shoes for all tastes, made in Italy with top quality materials.

On our Byblos online outlets you can find the new collection byblos shoes, Shoes Stylish woman for all women who like to be having a Fashion Trendy and innovative look, in fact Young Shoes always aims to choose the best models Byblos Women's Shoes to suit all tastes and all ages.

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The online byblos shoe styles are varied: from Byblos wedges at very comfortable and enveloping blue shoes byblos woman sneakers with soft rubber heel made even more comfortable by a plateau that cushions the walk without straining joints and giving proper posture, byblos boots for special occasions. But also for the Byblos men shoes prices are very affordable, since the materials used are as for the shoes Nero Giardini, made of genuine leather handmade.

waterproof winter boots and warm, or cool and breathable summer, are suitable for any foot and any way you walk.

Blu byblos shoes gives you the guarantee of a product made in compliance with all the criteria of working leather Made in Italy.

You can choose from a wide variety of stylish shoes with high heels, maybe with glossy effect so they stand out, or with thin laces to be elegant with class. In short, the whole collection byblos shoes is really a must for lovers of style and comfort.

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The latest fashion trends suggest women's well-designed and very feminine and Young Shoes offers beautiful Byblos shoe models, Shoes Quality Fashion shoes that give an innovative look, women's shoes with unique shapes. Blu Byblos shoes you can wear any clothes, in fact are quality shoes that help you complete your trendy outfits, choose now Byblos spring summer and discover the benefits of having the foot a breathable footwear, fresh and light.


Byblos does many charity campaigns, in fact you can 'see the #byblosmilanoforunicef campaign which was also attended Belen Rodriguez, Alessia Marcuzzi, Cristina Chiabotto, Dolcenera and many other Italian Celebrities.

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