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New Collection of Women's Shoes Joel Italian Shoes Spring Summer

The Joel Brand is all Made in Italy, and it fully reflects the standards using only genuine quality leather, all products are handmade in Italy according to Italian creativity and style.
Bell company, family-run, which makes women's sandals from 20 years, Joel Shoes a footwear brand strictly Made in Italy, made by hand with love and passion by skilled craftsmen, using only high quality materials, to be comfortable and durable.
Each model is designed to be chic and fashionable, as required by the true Italian tradition, but, above all, to meet the needs of all women, which are never content to wear fashionable shoes, the new Joel Shoes Collection offers many models of sandals to suit every woman!
The Joel Shoes models in the new collection, include a wide choice of jewel sandals, to wear during the ceremonies, a romantic evening, even for your marriage if you are a bride.
Their collections are stylish and never banal, are surprising for their classic but elegant lines.
Besides being so beautiful, sandals and shoes are all extremely comfortable having with plateau heels and non-slip sole that makes the canzatura tight when walking.
Many models are enhanced and embellished with stones, rhinestones and crystals, in this way, a simple sandal, though perfect, passes from seplice line to a real gem that will stand out your beauty in every occasion when you wear these shoes.
It is really a lot! Wearing high white sandal with a skirt in high summer when your legs and your feet are very tanned! You'll see that will turn everyone watching! Or with your jeans or a more chic sheath dress, wearing a sandal black jewel with applied crystals.
There is no better time to buy Joel jeweled sandals, take advantage of it, because they are now on sale and offers for these fabulous shoes are favvero many!
They are really well done, with attention to detail. The quality does not pass by unnoticed. Available with 11.5 and 2.5 heel platform sandal made this shiny fabric, which is linked to the ankle with a simple strap. All of their shoes, especially sandals Jewel, entirely handmade, are studied and designed for the one who loves never go unnoticed ... with style and great class.
Young Shoes are on the whole collection of these beautiful shoes sandals jewels!

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