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Brand that surely guarantees comfort

excellent production brand, sensing immediately the high quality of his inimitable creative style with a touch of savoir faire that gives life to the best Italian tradition, Luciano Barachini footwear is founded in 1973, a brand that is able to capture and reinterpret trends and stimuli from the world of fashion, knows how to win the domestic and international market by producing wonderful shoes. A brand also associated with the national significance Miss Italy, managing to win a wider audience becoming more and more appreciated and loved. Discover the amazing proposals Luciano Barachini!

Luciano Barachini on Young Shoes Salerno, a world of quality that can 'be purchased with a simple click!

The style of Luciano Barachini can 'define definitely Signorili footwear, refined, polite fact the shoes of this brand are made exclusively with excellent materials such as soft leather, work carefully, taking into account every little detail. A design that moves seductive lines, eye-catching and modern making each utterly feminine and elegant creation. Luciano Barachini shoes knows how to charm the taste of women in precious rhinestones, strategic buckles, zip imaginative, as well as the unique color combinations that make the shoe unique. Brand that surely guarantees comfort making your feet pampered and protected. ideal footwear for a touch of style and creativity to any outfit, creating wonderful outfits.

Luciano Barachini is the right brand for us women who love shoes.

The well-known Italian designers also propose for this season footwear contemporary design embellished with crystals and stones, but also by studs and zippers. Shoes for every woman, to give that touch of femininity and glamor even to a less sophisticated look.

Each model of footwear luciano Barachini is always very elegant, always different textures and details furnished areas give a touch of originality to our every look, from the most classic to the most daring.

The Barachini brand is quality index, the use of materials of the highest level and attractive lines, modern and very feminine.

For this season whilst Luciano Barachini collection spring summer, fresh and chic footwear Barachini can not miss in our shoe, such as logs Luciano Barachini. The blacks boots with heels are perfect for the days of work in the office and can be combined perfectly with cigarette pants, also a contrasting color such as gray, and a shirt refined. Find on our wide range of models for sale online shoes three Barachini, Simply choose your or your models Barachini jewel sandals, sandals wedges high cork, in short, the whole collection shoes Barachini is unmissable and fabulous.

A look feminine and elegant, both for leisure and evening, you get instead combining the boots with heels jeans medium fit, or better still skinny, member on the leg, with a sweater a little 'abundant and oversize . The maxi bag is obviously a must that can not miss in this type of outfit. In this case there are two types of boots with heels to match: those high ankle but soft and wide, or those high and tight, maybe with laces and strings. Discover and choose Barachini shoes on our website, will your home in just 48 hours.

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