Allure Evening women's formal wear

Famous for its particular style clothes, Allure Evening is a company founded in 1983 by the will of Giorgio and Elena Emirlis who decide to found an evening dress factory in Thessaloniki. Their desire to get involved and give vent to their creativity and their desire for innovation is concretized with the production of women's clothes as well as evening and ceremonial. Unmistakable for dynamic lines, delicate and high quality fabrics, and finishes with attention to the smallest details, the brand is an emblem of femininity, and highlights the personality of each woman.

Successful brands also abroad

After years of success, in 2002 the second entrepreneurial generation passes the helm of the company. Maria Emirli, daughter of the founders, then heads the brand and becomes responsible for the company's creative team. The brand name flies around the world when direzioneatsas Βatsios and Michalis Emirlis are added to its management. Over the years the company has developed a vast network of customers and a wide response in foreign markets

Unmistakable fresh and youthful style

Allure Evening immediately proposed innovative clothes with a fresh and young style and was very successful because it proved to be a product that was missing on the European market. The considerable push given by the second generation has strengthened what were the characteristics of the brand and today the brand is present in the most important stores also in our peninsula and in many regions such as Sicily, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Marche, Umbria, but also in several northern regions. If you want to buy Allure Evening you can view our website where you can find a wide assortment of brand's garments.

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