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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Valerio 1966 online casual shoes

Founded by Valerio Tatarella, Valerio 1966 is a brand born from the same Primadonna Collection, another brand of great success created by the idea of the professional entrepreneur in the fashion industry.

The brand aims to offer consumers a look with impeccable taste and workmanship. Launched in 2016, the brand is aimed at a refined male and female audience, who choose to dress with a contemporary mood, and with garments that enhance every look.

Custom heads and prestigious accessories

The brand offers carefully crafted clothing, footwear and stylish accessories to meet the needs of an audience that loves to dress with refined taste and a dynamic lifestyle.

The tailoring and carefully finished garments are therefore completed by prestigious accessories and shoes, able to enhance every look with elegance and unmistakable style. The target audience to which it is addressed is therefore a public with a strong and demanding personality, confident and who knows perfectly what he wants.

Excellent value for money

Valerio 1966 perfectly embodies the tastes of a conscious and determined clientele, and in both men's and women's proposals shows to take special care of the consumer.

The brand offers a wide choice of models to meet every request. Wearing this brand means having the certainty of dressing the fashion in the round, given the presence of fashion accessories that complete the various outfits in an extraordinary way.

Sin from the very beginning the brand has been welcomed and in just six months from its launch has reached 8 stores in Italy, revealing further prospects for the establishment of other locations.

The product was eye-catching and with a mid-price range, therefore easily accessible, an important detail that should be considered. The excellent price-performance ratio is in fact one of the main reasons for the success of this brand.

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