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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Marina Abagnale women's swimwear online

Extremely feminine and with attention to detail, Marina Abagnale beachwear is created to meet all the needs of the modern woman who loves to follow the most contemporary trends. The brand, created by Port Rose Group, belongs to Marina Esposito and Sebastiano Abagnale, who have over 25 years of presence on the market. The first collection for the new brand was designed by the designer Betti Proietti and includes 12 lines and a total of one hundred items of swimwear and swimwear out of the water. The objective of the brand is to design garments with essential lines but very refined in style and shape, designed specifically to dress the woman with a comfortable but quality clothing.

Brand young and innovative

The costumes proposed by the brand are in fact innovative in shapes and patterns, and offer prints of various kinds, just to meet all needs. The bright colors aim to emphasize the female body and the fit to shape the shapes enhancing them. The garments are all designed to dress the woman with maximum comfort and are offered in a range of sizes ranging from 44 to 52. The garments stand out because they are dedicated to modern women who, however, do not always find swimsuits suitable for their needs of wearability.

Versatile and easy-to-match heads

In the Marina Abbagnale beachwear collection there are also bikinis with a balcony bra or with a deconstructed band that can be combined with briefs offered in various versions, high, with laces or a bit 'peeled. Beautiful out of water, garments to wear with ease even in the city or for a special evening. The themes of the prints range from floral to geometric patterns, as well as the tones are among the most disparate, just to allow a choice as close as possible to your way of being. On Young Shoes you will find a wide assortment of beachwear such as those of Dolcemare to choose from to always dress at the top!