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Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items

Ysabel Mora Underwear Women Online

Founded in the 70s thanks to the courage of a Valencian woman who decided to create hold-ups and tights for women, Ysabel Mora is a Spanish brand that took its name from its founder. Isabel's personal project was initially based on the tailored tights that worked in the family's cellar. Slowly she continues to add other items such as tights, underwear, leggings, thermal clothing and a wide line of swimwear. Today it is an international brand specialising in underwear, swimwear, hosiery and socks and stands out for the comfort and elegance of its products.

Ysabel Mora brand of high quality

The brand produces high quality items, a detail that still characterizes the company and that has allowed it to be appreciated throughout the world, so as to be present in 42 countries around the world with more than 3,000 stores. The excellence of the articles reveals the attention to detail that guarantees comfort and elegance to both underwear and beachwear. The collections are young and follow fashion trends, developing different styles to suit every taste and need. The company contains all the elements necessary to create high quality design products.

Ysabel Mora collections enhance feminine beauty

There are numerous proposals in the various collections, all aimed at offering women the opportunity to dress very comfortable and refined garments, available in various colors and prints, just to meet all needs and always be trendy. Even in the case of costumes, the choice is really endless, and here are models such as one-piece swimsuits, triangles, bandeau bikinis, but also trousers, dresses, overalls, shirts and many other original and unique garments that can enhance the feminine beauty. To see a wide range of proposals of the brand browse our catalog and you can view and buy them.

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