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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

Hot Sand beach sandals online

Produced by Smart Trade S.p.A., which exclusively distributes beach shoes, fashion accessories, Frutta and Disney slippers, Hot Sand is a footwear brand founded in 2002 in Sarnano (MC). Its founders are Gianni Offidani, Maurizio Fogante and Romano Rossi. Today, the brand is one of the reference points in the footwear market thanks to a targeted business strategy and a strong marketing orientation. The products produced are able to set trends in any season and therefore become a must both in summer and winter.

Hot Sand brand shoes and also beach line

The brand has recently expanded its footwear collection by introducing the beachwear line and launched Hotsand Beachwear, which includes swimsuits, pareos, kaftans, beach towels, but also many bags in wicker, PVC, slippers and many other fashion accessories. The products have a young and fresh style, are colorful and have a creative taste, but always focuses on the quality of materials and workmanship. Among the strengths of the brand there are the careful attention in the design of the products, the wide range, the high level of service guaranteed to customers and the excellent value for money.

Hot Sand brand creative and great value for money

The brand is characterized by the creativity and vitality of the various articles, which have had great success among consumers, so that production and turnover have increased steadily over the years. Today, the distribution of Hot Sand is widespread in Italy and in various countries around the world. The main sales channel, in which the company's major investments are concentrated, is in any case made up of specialised retailers who exclusively distribute the brand. The founders are enthusiastic about this project, which has proved to be increasingly positive, and they carry it forward with great professionalism. You can view and purchase Hot Sand products on our online shop.

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