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SièLei the new collection of onlin

Unmistakable for its class and elegance, the SièLei brand stands out for its attention to detail, as well as for its comfortable and very pleasant to wear garments. Born in 2001, the brand actually originated from the brand Intima moda founded in Modena in 1972 by the Franciosi brothers who have transformed a small underwear workshop into a high-level company, well organized and that has found its place in the underwear market, soon becoming the absolute leader.

Wide range of underwear and beachwear in the SièLei collections

The brand's underwear collection includes briefs, culottes, thongs, bras, bodysuits, suspenders and much more. In addition, in 2005 the underwear collection was expanded to include beachwear and beachwear. Wonderful are the costumes, cover-ups and sarongs created by the designers, much appreciated by the women who find their garments impeccable and definitely very original. The wide range of products suits the tastes and styles of every age, from the most classic ones with a simple line to the trendiest and sexiest ones. There is also a wide choice for shapely women, who in this brand find everything they need to dress underwear and beachwear fashion.

Underwear and beachwear SièLei elegant and refined

During the advertising campaigns, numerous testimonials have lent their image to this spectacular brand, including many well-known faces such as Randi Ingerman, Miriana Trevisan, Aida Yespica, Elisabetta Gregoracci, Raffaella Fico. Always in line with trends, the brand SièLei distinguishes itself by taking care of each collection to the maximum to give all women the pleasure of dressing classy underwear but also particularly comfortable, with many beachwear items to put every day to dress with style. Even for the sea, the garments are unbeatable and the swimwear line, as well as the beachwear, are extremely refined and elegant, absolutely unique! If you want to buy SièLei, browse our catalogue where you will find a wide assortment of the brand.

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