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Marina Militare shoes for women online

Symbol of tradition and passion, the women's shoes are designed for a woman who likes to inspire values ​​even in contemporary reality. Elegant and sporty at the same time, the creations of Marina Militare offer the utmost comfort on any occasion without sacrificing the style that has always distinguished them. The brand, founded in 1917, initially produced high-end casual wear and high-quality sportswear, so that it soon became international on the market. After the success of the first Naval Military collections, which have revealed the brand's professionalism and enthusiasm, it is the turn of footwear. The women's shoes were also inspired by the emblems and coats of arms of the Italian Navy, which through an agreement with the State Staff was allowed commercial exploitation.

A stunning style with unmistakable traits

The Navy Women's shoes perfectly identify the world of the sea and have not lost the brand's distinctive features over time. Still today, here are the splendid mocassins that enclose a story of passion and prestige that tells the strong emotions of the sea and handles traditions that are highly appreciated and shared. The stylistic look of brand women's footwear is evident in models that transmit real values ​​that make dreams and forget the roots. Awakening and soft, here are the comfortable and flexible sneakers, precious in the materials and sophisticated in the models, with details that make them unique. Mocassins are also unmistakable and fully express the characteristics of this brand that transmits strength and elegance and combines sports elements with a contemporary reading key.

Casual but refined and stylish shoes on Young Shoes

The line of women's shoes Marina Militare is dedicated to a demanding public who loves casual dress but does not want to give up their style. The quality of the chosen raw materials and the design of each model are the two factors that glitter to the eyes and make these shoes precious. The brand assures every woman an authentic and avant-garde style that attracts for her unique and creative products, from refined and discreet elegance. The woman who chooses Marina Militare is aware of having a high quality product and wearing shoes totally different from any other brand. On Young Shoes there are many models of women's shoes Marina Militare realized in fashion colors, to dress each day with a different look and always catchy, suitable for the mood of the moment.

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With Marina Militare you can choose the most suitable shoes to wear to your look and create stunning outfits. The timeless look of this sober and elegant style brand is highly appreciated by a wide range of passionate fans in the world of sailing. Each model combines perfection with tradition and innovation, showing attention to details and precious finishes. Among the colors there are the classic Blue, Navy, White, Red and Gray, but there are also very original declinations to match the combinations and create fantastic looks!