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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

Renata Malé swimsuits woman on line

Brand specialized in women's costumes, Renata Malè is an Italian fashion designer who knows how to capture fashion trends and dress her on costumes to give women so much new stuff.

Colorful and original, the costumes Renata Malè light up the summer with their lively and vitaminic fantasies. In fact, this wonderful collection of colors characterizes this beautiful collection that promises a real spin of energy after the greyhound of winter and invites you to taste the taste of the holidays that await us. Renata Malè's proposals are eye-catching and glamorous, suitable for hitting the gaze and always being fashionable even under the umbrella! The line includes full costumes and bikinis, suitable for shaping the silhouette and hiding some small defects.

High quality jackets and great fit, to be glamorous even at the beach

The Renata Malè garments are made for a sophisticated woman and the new line of bathing suits and bathrobes meets every need for everything that concerns practicality, comfort and fit, but in particular it meets all the demands of quality and care in detail Which is absolute prerogative in a class leader. The collection includes a wide range of models and sizes to give every woman the opportunity to dress on the beach with a comfortable head and unmistakable style. Very popular in the new collection is the Polynesia costume, whose fantasy reflects the colors of the archipelago with brushes of blue, blue, red and yellow, mixing with special shades that give rise to extraordinary prints. The whole costume shapes the body in a harmonious manner, is supported by two slim and slightly curled braces in the center of the breast. The inner cups are preformed and invisible from the outside, a feature that makes older breast forms less excessive. The entire line of costumes Renata Malè enhances the shapes and contains them in a stunning way, giving women a pleasant look.

Face the summer with the costumes Renata Malè and live a screaming season

The Renata Malè costume line also includes spectacular bikinis, with patterns that reflect the latest fashion trends and adhere to the body with grace and elegance. The Polynesia Bikini is another jewel in the collection of this spectacular fashion designer who fascinates and seduces women with her bosses: Polynesia bikini has curls on the front and covers her under the waist just as she wants the latest fashion. The upper part is supported by slim suspenders and is also characterized by a central curl and a beautiful decolleté that fascinates the breasts. This bikini is ideal for enhancing the silhouette and showing a model physicist. On Young Shoes you will find a wide selection of costumes Renata Malè and also models with push-up bras, wonderful tricots with particular details and also a wide assortment of tights and accessories, beachwear to show off to be chic even at the beach. With Renata Malè living summer to great is not a dream and just wear her clothes to feel surrounded by drummer and Caribbean music!