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Blooker jackets and coats online

Prestigious brand and unique style, Blooker was founded in 1935 by John Blooker, a young man born in a small town in Ireland called Bray, near Dublin. At just 15 years John began working in the workshop of a professional tailor and at this store John sews the first denim cloth imported from the United States where he began to spread a bit 'of time the pants invented by Levi's strauss soon spopolerà worldwide .

A classy brand that has its roots in the past but with a clear vision of the future

John Blooker emigrated to the United States mel 1960 with a dream in, to open a small factory in the new country of Denim. Initially he is working in South Hampton, New Hampshire, in different factories where he learned the manufacture of the place and especially of products such as denim, t-shirt and chinos. Gradually, his tastes are evolving and also started to get into the center, t-shirts man with the collar. 15 years later, exactly in 1975 John moved to New York and here at last opens his denim factory, t-shirts and polo shirts. The following year he opened his first store and immediately realizes that its products have a positive response on the public, and soon conquer even the most prominent figures of the American jet set. Soon John Blooker is called the only American in a position to compete with the French for the pole. As logo of his John clothing line, always passionate Africa, he chooses a panther head: this symbol will distinguish the brand among others making early unmistakable. Begins the ascent to the brand and Blooker starts to always open new store in the United States.

John also Blooker in Italy to compete with European brands

The brand arrived in Italy in 2004, thanks to a partnership with an Italian company and ranks among European companies with determination and audacity. The style of the brand Blooker wins because young and dynamic, perfect for a male target that dresses with edgy clothes and decided look. The Blooker collections are a mix between American sports taste and Italian style, and offer from t-shirts to jackets, from jeans to coats, always bearing in mind that excellent value for money that sets the company and the possibility to customize garments according to your taste. Each head of the brand is versatile and can be recognized by its particular taste, and of course for the Panther logo. The collection also includes heads of luxury, sports and very beautiful to wear to create high-class sporty looks: including, in addition to coats and jackets also available online, also includes garments made with precious fabrics like cashmere, fine cottons Egyptian and Japanese jeans. With Blooker it is easy to express a lifestyle, a particular way of being, to communicate. Dress Blooker is therefore an expression of personality and style, for the man who wants to stand out anywhere with exclusive pieces.