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Dabliu women shoes online

Young and modern taste and attractive, Dabliu shoes offers advanced models that meet the style of latest fashion trends. Founded in 2009, Dabliu shoe is a shoe that has its laboratory in Aversa, right in the heart of the Campania region and particularly well-known center for the traditional process of production of footwear. Although the company has seen the birth of a very short time, actually it has had a long experience in the footwear industry, since it contains within it all the knowledge and experience of three generations of shoe manufacturers. The brand is thus a concentrate of innovation and creativity mixed with a deep knowledge of craftsmanship of Made in Italy. These are the characteristics that make the shoes Dabliuun inimitable and unmistakable product, such as to be pleasantly desired. Of the women's footwear collection offers extraordinary models to wear to always be comfortable and to be matched to any garment with great ease, confident of having to foot a product unquestionably stylish.

Young brand but with deep knowledge of craftsmanship

With the arrival of the winter season it is imperative to wear footwear which will allow to carry out everyday action in safety but at the same time that they are able to provide comfort and to adapt to various look. Specializing in the production of footwear of great prestige woman Dabliu offers a collection with predominant sneakers and high quality boots, worn with many different outfits, creating new set absolutely feminine. A nice pair of sneakers is ideal to put not only with jeans but also with the baggy pants, leggings and are practical to use for sports, leisure and everyday for all casual occasions. Made of leather and available in different shades, they are finished with care and in detail, and you can choose them with perforated inserts or according to your preferences. Try the taste of long walks with sneakersDabliu and be comfortable all day without changing footwear.

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High quality shoes expression of Made in Italy

The collection of Dabliu footwear includes boots very feminine and designed to give you maximum comfort even during rainy days. made of soft leather, available in amphibians model in dark brown, simple lines but with different finishes, rubber sole, low heel of 4 cm and 2 cm platform. Irresistible for a casual look sure effect, you can wear them on several occasions and on many outfits, from jeans to longdress with great ease. Among the ankle Dabliu models you can find without doubt the right choice for you and for example the one with laces, zipper and buckle, strictly black, to be used for both casual look elegant. With more and Dabliu you make sure to always choose the right model thanks to the brand that gives you the confidence and quality of the true Made in Italy. In addition to the prestigious quality and a large assortment, the price is on your side: in fact, the prices of Dabliu footwear is absolutely accessible and allow you to have to walk more and different shoes every season.