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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

ICONIQUE robes designer Online

ICONIQUE complete the collection with a selection of clothes designed for summer evenings, adding a touch of glamor to the brand. Elegant and sparkling perfect for parties and aperitifs of the summer evenings.
The famous brand fresh and modern ICONIQUE, is the perfect resort for an ideal Italian style for your holidays in a beautiful sought-after and fashionable seaside towns where tourism is selected and the crystalline sea. Or to wear during your perfect cruise to be always on top even when you're at the beach! In fact, the comfort and lightness of the leaders are like the summer breeze that touches your walking on the deck or along the coast of your so awaited goal! extremely feminine pieces, of great quality, made in Italy following the style of the ancient Italian tailoring, but renewing the styles and patterns, melting so tradition and innovation in a perfect mix. Soft elegance and quality fabrics, these are the key points of the line and all ICONIQUE collections. On our site you will find a wide collection of

Caftans elegant, flowing dresses and blouses to combine with soft trousers and light skirts in linen

cotton and precious fabrics in crochet work, enriched by inserts and ruffles in lace and macramé for a perfect Mediterranean style. The ICONIQUE collections are inspired by fresh, natural and intense atmosphere of the Riviera, which can be enjoyed strolling along the picturesque Mediterranean coast. Choose your ICONIQUE caftan that best suits your style: Monochrome with macrame lace for the most romantic women feminine look. If you give a touch of dynamism and life to your vacations you choose the

beautiful colored caftans that will make your casual style and bright.

Finally for people dynamics we also caftans basic for those who like sporty look. ICONIQUE is the clothing line that gives added value to the collections of costumes. Lace, lace, linen and silk are the precious materials used to make the caftans, the shirts, the skirts and the robes of this line. From pure white to dark blue, up to the intense black, heads of ICONIQUE are meant to be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Of young shoes as well as finding the beautiful caftans ICONIQUE to be used on the costume for walks in the center of the small town on the sea or for lunch at the bar on the pier! And beyond that sarongs online you will find many different brands of fashion costumes, colorful, floral and fresh push ups, or even reversible costumes romantic earth tones for women who want to be chic and ladylike even when they are kissed by the sun!