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When you think of a quality shoe made with quality materials and high-tech, comfortable to the foot, you immediately think of the shoes Geox, It is an Italian company founded in 1995 by Italian entrepreneur Mario Polegato. The company started focusing mainly on the shoes, and then expanded (see the great success) even with the production of items of clothing designed for sports people and dynamics. The term itself comes from the word "earth" and since it is obvious the brand concept and mission, love of nature and a close relationship with it and with the sport. Geox is the first company in Italy and even second in the world for number of heads and casual shoes / sports produced. Many single-brand shops in all countries of the world. Geox shoes are among the first shoe to have a patent that guarantees supertraspirazione that makes shoes always comfortable and dry and consequently also the foot.

Fashion and Breathable catalogs of the collection Geox

Shoes Geox is the collection spring summer that those of autumn winter collection , have under the sole of micro holes that allow the shoe to "breathe" in the true sense of the word, the steam can come out but it is still waterproof and does not allow all ' entering water. Geox shoes over the years has had a real boom thanks to high quality and innovative style of the models that never get tired while following a more sporty and casual line very simple and minimal with main focus on quality.

Sneakers designed with quality materials and environmentally friendly!

Geox love nature and it also shows in the choice of materials in 2013 it was definitively abolished the use of animal furs, now a beautiful faux fur is in fact used that in addition to respect animals and the environment, is also versatile and warm. Geox shoes are not just sneakers monoform and one color, thanks to the trust that customers have placed in the company, it was possible to experiment with new models and today is one of the most popular companies in the world whose mission is to create products style that improve the daily lives of men, women and children, with comfortable and anatomical shoes that will help you keep a good posture, through technology and innovation that provide strength and allow your skin to breathe. Geox offers style, comfort, all day through its innovative research that help to create a perfect product for all ages. Young shoes on our site you can find many models of sneakers, including sneakers woman man sporting sneakers for those dynamic or men's shoes lace-ups Men, ankle boots for men and women and even shoes in various models, elegant shoe, boots for the winter of the autumn winter 2016 and many other footwear models to suit all tastes. Choose on our site combinations with handbags, wallets and accessories that you prefer, or if you choose you can find man combined a sporty shoulder bag in 48 hours will come to your door by courier, or if you prefer to come discover and measure without obligation the new collection in our store in Salerno, we will be at your disposal. Hurry!

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