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Groom Marilungo for sale online shoes

The famous Calzaturificio Marilungo started life in 1979 thanks to Luigi Marilungo and his passion for footwear, which embraces young age, when he took his first steps as an apprentice in a small shoe shop that works hand-in high quality leather. After years of experience in the footwear industry experience, leather goods and accessories, Luigi Marilungo goes from master to disciple making the experience gained over the years, an art. And is thus born in Montegranaro, international cradle of footwear, the small workshop Marilungo. Today, the company, still family-owned as to the origins, boasts an entirely Made in Italy craftsmanship product, which are always present elegance and comfort accompanied by design and continuous research of materials. It really can say that the process has changed very little! Evolving styles and looks, but the quality remains the same. The Marilungo brand focuses mainly on classic men's shoes. Elegant and stylish shoes that never go out of fashion, remaining the must-have shoe for man of class. I marilungo in the laboratory we discover with pleasure also a large collection of men's shoes for the wedding. It is not just the woman to have to be flawless, in fact, on the day of it! But the man has to be perfect, with style and sobriety, and this is seen also and above all in the details.

The tie or bow ties, cufflinks, shoe groom are indispensable.

Normally lace-up shoes in black leather, with thin straps and slightly elongated toe here is the classic model of shoes for bridegrooms that please everyone and that can be worn with suits, tuxedos paired with elegant bow tie or ties. For the most important day of your life, you can not give up on style and quality. This collection is dedicated especially to the wedding day, are the most sophisticated and special shoes for bridegrooms, for those who love an elegant look and out of the chorus. Calzaturificio Marilungo produces since 1949 shoes and accessories for men exclusively "Made in Italy", which represent the perfect combination of craftsmanship and Italian stylistic trend of the moment. Entrusted to the perfect mix of quality and good taste. Order on our website and find your favorite product: the shipping costs in Italy are free and the products will arrive at your home in just 48 working hours! What aspects? You can also pay on delivery for a small charge.