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We women love to be always in roll for each occasion, and most of all we love to mix clothes and mix the different look with a sports jersey, casual pants and more. Mxare, just depending on our mood, the day that we face and so many other factors! In summer, however, the succession of weddings of friends and various ceremonies is inevitable, as inevitable also our chic look that is sure to be very elegant. If you know, we do it all, on many occasions we are really brave to combine, reuse and recycle the clothes we already used on other occasions. The classic trousers in black cigarette with a blouse or a different top course can be used in various occasions. Or the same dark sheath, combining it with special jewelry and accessories such as shoes and clutch bag new stylish, it will look like new! But sometimes, it happens to all, there is a special occasion for us and we want to give us an elegant dress can show off and feel at ease, beautiful and comfortable. Here, in this case we are meeting the gorgeous dresses of "Le donne di..." which for girls dreamed of when watching cartoons imagined fairytale and fine clothes. Clothes "Le donne di..." well aware of the needs of every woman needs to feel pampered with a dress handmade in Italy with quality materials by experienced and skilled hands.

Tulle and organza delicate pastel colors covering sheath dresses with chic transparencies

for very young girls, or the most beloved classics and traditional colors like black, blue. "Le donne di..." is the right compromise between style and elegance ... for the right price! The clothes are part of our imagination since we were little girls, and since then and throughout their lives, are and will be the part of our wardrobe that makes us shine eyes, coming out of the ordinary and of which we would never do without. Wear the precious clothes "Le donne di..." will make you a woman of class and elegant on special occasions. But why wait for the perfect day to wear a dress so important? Also choose a simple sheath dress to wear on your birthday or to a sophisticated party with friends. In fact it is said that the vestments should be worn only on the occasion of a marriage are several events where the dress code suggests an elegant clothing. It is, therefore, a gala event or a premiere at the opera house, the right outfit should be chosen for the occasion, to make a difference, will design, patterns and fabric quality. Finally you have a great excuse to get in shooting. This season the coordinated cool and vestments are on our website Fwhere you can also complete your set with the right accessories that are combined and you will be invited really perfect!

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