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Since antiquity, the skirt was the simplest existing garment, created to cover the legs even with a simple piece of fabric, leather or other and for this reason has been used in various forever. There are several models of skirts, from the most simple, consisting of a single plain weave, by a simple drape, to more details, with original forms obtained by stitching, tacking, folds, ornaments. The length can vary a lot, this has made a difference over the centuries. For men indeed ancient Greece skirts tunics were very short and have remained so throughout the Roman period and then be replaced as from men's trousers. For women the story is certainly very different, in the course of more than the centuries millennia, women were not allowed to find out the ranges for a matter of modesty, for almost 3000 years! It is only in the recent history of fashion, namely from World War II onwards that women begin to get shorter by a few centimeters to spare cloth as in times of war is needed to save on everything, plus adapting to the available materials. It was only after the second war that was born the skirt so as we know it today, Dior revolutionized the history in 1947 by creating a complete consists of a very wide skirt, corolla and folds, very similar to a flower, to emphasize the shapes of every woman.

But it was in the 60s, when the youth protest periods, when young people were fighting against conformity and women demanding more rights, who was born one of the leaders of the most discussed of the century clothing: always present Mary Quant miniskirt who was the creator of this head.

The woman clothing highly criticized and defined sometimes vulgar as this usually only gonna get to cover the groin. The line is dead-straight and geometric, as the designs that decorated it. During those years the hippie culture and the women refused garments with geometric lines and perfect for taking long skirts, soft and decorated with ruffles and fringes, worn by Africans, Indians and Mexicans. Today the woman for every woman is a garment essential and varied, ideal for any time of the day: Professional pencil skirts or longuette for the office, long skirts for the ceremonies, pleated skirts for a retro touch, or even full skirts, to wheel, light and colorful for summer shopping and the ubiquitous mini-skirt to the trendiest and glamorous evenings in the disco for a fun evening. The fabrics used are among the most diverse: Viscose, jersey, jeans, etc. For the summer season, they will choose the fabric skirts light, that allow to breathe the legs and "cover them" at the same time. On the contrary, for the winter there in velvet woven skirts, hot to protect your legs from the cold combined with the boots allow you to not have your pants and wet legs. In short, one of the skirts is a truly infinite world, choose your model on our site combined with shoes and accessories.

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