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Glamor, creativity and high quality are the characteristics that distinguish the Naga beach products, major company specializing in the creation of high-fashion swimwear. Born in 1992 in Gragnano, Campania, the brainchild of brothers Ribbon: Gaetano and Augustine; It is identified in a project that, perfected over 22 years, has achieved fame and success in the industry, offering unique and exclusive items, fully machined by experienced Italian craftsmen, attentive to detail and quality, and enhanced by the application of Swarovski crystals . The SoloSole brand is so loved by all women because it is an Italian brand that produces swimwear fashionable and trendy, and boasts a high-quality raw materials and excellent fit due to the use of up to date fashion content and in line with the high expectations of consumers.

The entirely Made in Italy craftsmanship and attention to detail make each piece unique.

The SoloSole garments are inspired by and dedicated to a brilliant woman with a young taste but elegant and refined at the same time, it seeks in Bath the perfect balance between quality, style and high fashion costume.
key feature of the target audience's attention to the image of the brand that you buy and the values it expresses and represents.Today SoloSole is the right compromise between quality and price. The high Italian craftsmanship, is combined with the quality of Swarovski crystals applied on some of the many models made

you just have to choose the most suitable leader to your look! Sporty, sexy or trendy? Choose your model and match it to an ethnic caftan that you find on our site coupled with a colorful beach bag and fashionable sandals Positano. The attention to every single detail, perfection of embroidery and decorations with special stones used make it unique and precious SoloSole leaders. Not to mention, then, that a SoloSole costume is so synonymous with high quality.

The trend is evolving with the lives of women and Gaetano tape is inspired by and takes its cue from this: the dynamic life of women who are multistasking and can do a lot of things at once! That's why Youn Shoes facilitates your life and gives you 'the opportunity to buy online from the comfort of your home, for you who are always overwhelmed by commitments and do you want to dedicate yourself to shopping from the comfort of your home. Order now, in 24/48 the SoloSole costume that you chose will come to your house!

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