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Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items

Massana signed pajamas and online quality

The center Textil Massana, is a family company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing of textile products, its main product, and the most popular clothing woman is the pajamas for both men and women. Massana currently has a sales network of more than 70 representatives for Spain and 25 for Europe, as well as distributors in Russia, Mexico, Canada, South America, North Africa, Arab countries, China and Hong Kong. The philosophy of the brand Massana is to meet market requirements in terms of design for over 50 years, price and quality, always trying to adapt to the demands of the most demanding customers who want style without sacrificing comfort and quality at reasonable prices.

For this Massana has a young and dynamic team with numerous market research knows which is the product to be presented to his audience! bright colors and trendy, high-grade fabrics make pajamas Massana a top quality product. The Massana products have the particularity of not easily be damaged by wear and washing, it is often difficult to buy new clothes and then take care of washing them by hand so as not to crease them in form and color, Massana pajamas do not want all this happen again, will always be ready even as new after many washes! Besides, if you want to make a gift to your friend, your pajamas is always a brilliant gift from the heart and intimate, you can not go wrong with a brand pajamas like ours. If you order it on our website will come to your door in just 24/48 hours and you will not spend hours in the shops between stress, envelopes, tails etc, but orders all from the comfort of your home with a few clicks.

Massana is a Spanish textile  brand known and appreciated around the world thanks to the many exhibitions of linen in which the company participates every year where all the most demanding customers go to discover new models and new details. One of the finest collections of Massana is certainly the

BRITTO pajamas line was inspired by the famous Spanish

artist Romero Britto is influenced by modern art of Andy Warhol. His drawings, applied to Massana pajamas with the colors, designs, textures and patterns, make them happy and more creative than ever to have not only the beautiful sweet dreams, but also colorful dreams!