Antica sartoria Positano sale online beach bags!

Famous in the 60s, in addition to Positano hippy phenomenon, he discovered and experienced the interesting phenomenon of "Moda Positano". When the tourists came from the cities were to visit the beautiful sea of Positano and the Amalfi Coast, they felt a bit 'out of place and inappropriate for their clothing is inappropriate for a seaside and tourist resort. The climate in this golden bay is always mild, and then went looking for sarongs, shorts, pants, suits and all that could be used on the beach or boat. The shops which at the time were selling pottery and souvenirs are attacked by such requests. Thus it was born the now famous around the world "Moda Positano", from the brilliant ideas of Positanesi traders who improvise tailors success, whittling scarves, linen towels or cotton, and sometimes even ruining kits brides, transforming hand-embroidered fine linen doilies and old from the bobbin table or crocheted, in elegant evening gowns.

This extravagant fashion was appreciated from the first moments, because different and unthinkable by citizens tailors. The "pezzari", helped by the beauty of the place, have an extravagant guest book and wealthy but with a great desire to "diversity", went to stock up in flea markets as family kits were over, have already emptied all the boxes of kit brides. The tailors were improvised, but the materials were always the best and first quality, the linens and the finest lace were the privileged tissues. In this context also it comes the small workshop of Giacomo Cinque where pouring and expressed all the love for the embroideries and art, creating still extravagant clothes and sometimes unique.

Positano fashion comes in the standard colors used for ancient kits

as we have seen: white, beige, taupe, sand, to go and reinvent and modernize over the years:Now the oldest of Positano fashion tailoring Giacomo Five is also looking for texture and color: red, fuchsia, yellow and many innovative applications and floral motifs. These colors are seen mainly in bags shoes that Young has chosen for you! On our site you can find maxi beach bags with bright colors and lively and floral textures to bring with you everything you need for the beach: towels, books, water, phone and more. The Old tailoring products of James Five are distributed and known throughout the world, but the spirit and culture is always Positano, this is the strong point of this little shop that has become important and famous. Choose on our site the beach bag you prefer combined with costumes and caftans Made in Italy, within 48 hours will come to your home.

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