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Coveri Collection online sale jewelry bags!

Enrico Coveri is one of the most successful Italian designer, known and appreciated around the world thanks to clothing and accessories. Enirco Coveri was born in 1952 in Florence, where his company is born and grows. Immediately Enrico Coveri is notable for his entrepreneurial spirit when we established the homonymous fashion house which will have over the years more and more successful, becoming one of the most important fashion houses. With the birth of the company begin to arrive the first successes with the collections of the 70 who have increasing success on the Parisian catwalks and other countries. Just 25 years old, in his first appearance on the Parisian scene, you earn the title of "child prodigy" of Italian fashion. Were the 80 to launch into the world of fashion Enrico Coveri and to make it an internationally renowned designer, known and loved by all.

The innovative style tip firmly on the fashion items that will remain the cornerstones of Enrico Coveri: color, prints and sequins, the latter, hitherto used only in theater, become her signature piece. The international press appreciates and emphasizes the spontaneous exuberance of his creative talent.

Le Figaro, for his debut, writes: "Sequins are to Coveri what chains are to Chanel." In the 80 is also launched another great success by Coveri: sequins, the best-selling perfume for excellence even today, after more than 30 years, the  brand . The name recalls the details used by Coveri for the realization of different collections. In subsequent years Enrico Coveri throws several men's collections that become index of elegance, style and masculine sophistication in clothing that is in the accessories. Enrico Coveri receives many awards in Italy and the world thanks to the work done. He died prematurely as a result of a stroke in 1990. His work continues today even though thanks to his nephew, who continues his Coveri philosophy and the famous fashion house. It comes the line of accessories and apparel Coveri Collection.

Sequins, beads, sequins, rhinestones cropped, elegant light fixtures, flounces and many more details

Enrico Coveri in fashion that still follows the same style while being in step with the times and anticipating fashion. Young shoes Salerno has chosen for you the best clutch jewelery, handbags, wallets and accessories for stylish women who love details and femininity. Order now, we ship immediately and in 24/48 working hours will come to your home.