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Liu Jo was born in Carpi, Italian district of excellence for knitwear, from the brilliant idea of ​​Marco and Vannis Marchi brothers.
the Liu Jo and Liu Jeans collections are launched and begins the process of development in the Italian market through the launch of the multi-brand distribution in Italy and, later, the single-brand distribution in the domestic market and abroad.
The Liu Jo company was founded as a textile company specializing in wool processing [2], by the time the production of Liu Jo has expanded to clothing pret-a-porter women, men and children, accessories, man shoes and to swimwear, specializing various products in different lines. The name comes from Liu Jo nicknames they used Marco Marchi (Jo) and its youth companion (Liu).
The company has about 325 single brand boutiques, directly managed or franchised, 4500 stores and outlet stores, concentrated between Europe and Asia [2], where the brand is distributed through Liu Jo Asia Pacific. In more recent years has been created on Liu Jo Luxury brand, from a collaboration of the company branded Nardelli Jewels goldsmith, through which they are produced watches and jewelry. [5]
In 2012 the company opened its own flagship store in Milan [6]
In October 2013 Liu Jo holds an agreement with Perfume Holding for the licensing and distribution of new fragrances by Liu Jo. [7] The project will see the light in the spring of 2014 with the first Eau de Toilette, simultaneously leaves the new Liu Jo Sport Online , collection dedicated to leisure.
Liu Jo mission is to exalt the natural beauty of every woman, interpreting and celebrating femininity with a glamorous style and refined, evolving.
Why Liu Jo offers a wide variety of clothes and accessories that create every day contemporary and seductive look. In every collection we try to infuse elegance and quality, essential values ​​for us, and to remain faithful to the pragmatic and concrete entrepreneurial vision that has always characterized us, with conviction sinking our roots in the solid experience and know-how and Italian Carpi .
The extraordinary economic obtained by Liu Jo performances are confirmed by a high and steady growth trend over the years.
The company has gradually gone from a yearly turnover of 155 million Euros in 2006, with a turnover of 281 million euro estimated in 2013, increasing over the same period, the number of employees from 255 to 550.
And for the Liu Jo brand it can be said that fate is in the name, and the future is built with the brand. It all begins in the mid-nineties, under the sign of the brothers Marco and Vannis Marchi, born in Carpi, the sparkling Italian capital of knitwear, the town that has been able to quickly intercept and understand the fast changes of the fashion production. The Liu Jo shoes are trendy and quality: two basic points for the choice of shoes man and women.