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Exton shoes for sale online

The brand all made in Italy with production Made in Campania, where the skin of the process is an art that has been handed down for generations.
In the wake of an ancient tradition of the shoe EXTON remains one of the stars of excellence of Made in Campania and made in Italy. Settling in the center of Aversa, in 1950 the Diana brothers start the production of handmade shoes. In '97, the turning point for the company. With the entry into the footwear Polo Unique and the creation of the shoes elegant, focus better all stages of production to give greater impetus to the company. Shapes, lines and materials are a production stop. The collections encompass the needs and demands of those who put in the foreground comfort and impeccable craftsmanship, the result of careful research of exclusively Italian leather from the prestigious Tuscan and Venetian tanneries. EXTON is a tribute to the shoe made in Italy always directed all 'innovation of forms and creative research. Always fashionable and perfectly meets the needs of the trendy and demanding market. Participation in major international exhibitions shows the great commitment that the deep company to test new trends, discuss the use and characteristics of the products, organize work, renew their partnerships and discover new opportunities. EXTON with great craftsmanship can guarantee a balanced price / performance ratio and meet the needs of young customers and / or traditional offering a range of cross-products, from the trendy sneaker shoe for special occasions.
Fall / winter trendy realized with the best warm and waterproof skins, the rubber sole suitable for any type of soil, the trend because the collections like them at all: young and not, thanks to the high quality of materials and thanks to very special and difficult to find forms.
While the summer collections are made fresh breathable fabric, light colors, pastel, but also special colors like gray color space or color ice.
Exton for the new spring / summer 2016 collection tells dynamic men and women who like to change and dress their time more and differently.
For them proposes a shoe "made on purpose" where quality and versatility remain the cornerstone of the collection points.
The exton for her collections are made thinking of a sporty woman, dynamic, elegant. In short, all factors that a woman loves and who can not give up, why choose beauty and peculiarity of the forms and sacrificing convenience? You do not have to choose!
While the collections for him are inspired to man exton perfect: a classic man, sportswear and casual, three styles to mix and match to your liking.