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This brand was born in Monza in 1923, the name of the brand comes from the initials of the founder Mario Colombo, initially the company produces felt hats then by the time he began producing spats and work clothes. Then begins to produce the general public by producing clothing for winter sports, as Colombo, was passionate about the snow, who decides to turn his work clothes in ski suits, suits that spread to the general public in 1952 through campaigns and all 'event of the Oslo Colmar Olympics offer an innovative jacket, aerodynamic nylon, having an immediate success. Since then Colmar is considered one of the best manufacturers, which also has a sea line: summer suits and dresses with a modern look, and shoes are top of modernity for every woman.
The Colmar Originals line was founded in 2009 and is the soul of fashion and life-style of sneakers woman Colmar.
The success and the evolution in the seasons, have led to the development of a complete collection that combines the proven leader in products Shoulder able to complete the wardrobe, creating a true "Total Look".
The distinctive features of Colmar Originals remain unchanged and recognizable, while and stylistic inspirations and atmospheres of the collections vary according to the trends and creative visions, with the intention to provide the public evolution of timeless and innovative collection.
Colmar Originals presents itself as an urban-lifestyle line, trendy, the racing-inspired. The roots and the positive values ​​of sport are not forgotten, indeed, lines, materials and fit derive precisely from the DNA and history almost a century of Colmar.
youth lines, Quality, full of determination and character, distunguono this brand that has been appreciated more and more by women and men in corsp the years.
clean, colored lines, light and comfortable to the foot, on Young Shoes are all the new Fall / Winter - Spring / Summer, Colmar shoes! Shoes definitely quality yet fashionable! Buy Online on our showcase of Colmar Shoes, Free Shipping in 24/48 hours!

Always wear the right outfit with shoes and accessories Women design Colmar!

Discover the right outfit for every occasion! The multicolor sneakers, Colmar, a perfect solution to any outfit from the city, for an exit with friends, a drink, a ride in your town center or a simple bike ride.