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Showing 1 - 6 of 12 items

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There are days in which to go so fast that you can not afford the luxury of walking into an elegant and sensual way, because time flies, and you can not wait!
Sicuamente it happened to you.
If it frequently, then, is the case of a look to our sensational balances on comfortable sneakers.
Who said that a woman should wear to force a 12 cm heels to be feminine?
In our collections are snerakers signed Calvin Klein, Braccialini, Versace, Rucoline at discounted prices and the undisputed femininity.
You can browse the category and choose a base model or an even more stylish with rubber raised heels and maybe a plateau so be comodisima style.
When you find the sneakers designed by the best brands in these discounted prices so?
Do not forget, given these special themes, to also buy a pair of canvas sneakers at ground level, to be worn with capri jeans in the most relaxing moments, or even walking, racing bicigletta, jogging with her friends in a suit comfortable.
Looking between the sneaker shoes, you will find a variety of colors and patterns, fresh, cheerful and breathable in summer and warm, enveloping, water resistant and waterproof in the winter!
Take two pairs of sneakers for the price of taking advantage of fully equipped discounts of 50%! Yet you have not taken advantage? What aspects? A pair is like for free!
Abbinale as you like, choose other shoes on offer on our site, many models for every taste, a lot of brands, among the best in Italian, for those who love the product quality and style of the true Made in Italy.
women's shoes, Sneakers suitable and convenient to all the young women and not, many say that the sneakers are not feminine ... however many models offered by Young Shoes will show you otherwise, for those who love the sport style, and practical and does not want to give up the femininity we offer a wide selection of women's sneakers in Balance in Section Private Sale.
The most comfortable sneakers are definitely the ones made of leather are the most comfortable, you can wear safely 10 consecutive hours, without feeling the slightest fatigue. Do not forget also very actual super light fabric, in various colors and summer prints and vibrant, but also those super technical running, made with processes and cutting-edge fabrics favoring greater stability to the foot.