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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

Women's Shoes Impicci

Impicci is an Italian boots womanthat creates some interesting shoes from an aesthetic point of view where you can find the originality of innovative fashionable shoes, shoes for young girls who love fashion, Fashion Shoes that enhance the feminine taste, Boots, Tronchetti, Sneakers, infinite models for all tastes and all ages.
The Women "scrapes" shoes are the essence of avant-garde for the style of your feet, you definitely can not do without it! Run to snoop on our portal online shoes, you will find many models, to suit all tastes!
Highs and sensual leather ankle boots from well-heeled, comfortable, you will not use them just for going out at night in the most fashion, but after that you will have experienced the convenience, you will use it every day, because even go to work will be an opportunity to be beautiful, feminine and elegant.
Wearing a Trochetto with high heel with a skintight stretch jeans, an oversized jacket and a matching leather bag, you know sexy and sure of yourself!
While high leather boots, wrap around the calf and wrap creado a sexy effect, the socket can be used optimally even with the casual or elegant trousers, you choose the style that you want to show off today while taking a walk with your girlfriends!
Wearing high boots over leggings, or under a skirt with dark tights, your legs will be very warm even in the coldest periods, and also you will also have dry feet, waterproof thanks to the effect of the boot, at the same time it is breathable.
The passion for creative fashion and fun is the heart of the proposals of the hindrances brand, playing with your look by following all the latest trends to create new styles of trends. The contrasting bold colors and contemporary plays to the special optical effects, for an authentic style that can not be replicated! Wearing the new collections of new trademark Impicci catalog available online in the large showcase of Young Shoes!
Impicci  produces everything from quality materials by designing trendy and exclusive shoes, every woman can find everything that concerns his personal taste so you can match any outfit day or even for the most important commitments.
Young Shoes is the official distributor of Impicci shoes, with just a few clicks you can buy your favorite pair of shoes and arrive at your home in 24/48 hours throughout Italy with free delivery and made it easy.