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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items

Bio Natural shoes for sale on line

Bionatural is an Italian company which produces shoes made with top quality materials and above all Made in Italy. The design of these sandals is characterized by advanced and innovative lines but respecting the nature and handicraft traditions. All Bionatural products are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy by craftsmen of great experience and very qualified, from producer to wholesaler even with a value for the cost. The real innovation of the Bionatural sandal wedge sandals are the materials: not only the quality, but those used are all natural, with full respect of nature and environment. Devote so much time to the choice of biodegradable material means to produce a quality shoe that makes the foot is always in contact with natural materials, hypoallergenic, who coddle our foot. The Bionatura soles are made with quality materials and cork footbed, anatomic and comfortable suede. While as regards the leather used to make the uppers, they are carefully selected by experts and all accessories are made of anti-allergic and without nickel materials. Comfort, natural materials, all Made in Italy design create this wonderful and convenient product that everyone loves to wear to the feet.

Bionatural is tradition and innovation together, is altruism and solidarity, is respect for people and the environment, is the future!

The orthotics in sandals are anatomical and high so as to ensure support and comfort because they adapt perfectly to the foot. Many are the models of sandals and lots of colors too. The sandals with wedges in soft nubuck, rubber sole to walk stably on any surface and from the bottom and insole in genuine cork: these are certainly the most loved by women. Most of the sandals is made from soft bands that wrap around the foot that then end with a practical and adjustable side buckle, making the long walks also comfortable and agile.

The colors used are always the most beautiful and surprising: ranging from classic colors used for the shoes as the skin color, leather, brown, black to arrive in bright colors like coral red, cobalt blue, canary yellow, mustard yellow, green pea and so on the exciting textures colors, lit, summer colors that make you want to vacation, sea, freedom! Already, Bionatura is and expresses freedom of movement, freedom of the foot to breathe and move in a comfortable and natural shoe. Choose the natural Bio shoes on our site, in 48 hours or less will have at your home!