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Women's Day, what to wear for this special occasion

Posted On: mar 11, 2017


Women's Day, what to wear for this special occasion

The Women's Day is an excellent opportunity to dress up with a look that evokes the symbol of the anniversary of March 8, the mimosa! This delicate yellow flower, chosen to symbolize this historic day, was chosen by the Italian for what a simple flower, and among the few to bloom in early March. And to make this special day, what's better than wearing something yellow? The fashion proposals are many, and range from colored look to the combination c on black, with blue, or fantasies that give so much good humor. Let's go to discover the fashion trends to make this special day with an attractive look!

The March 8 special party

To deal with this the best day and be perfect on all occasions Young Shoes offers you many ideas to manifest your desire for independence and communicate your state of mind: you can choose from the best international brand clothing that best suits your mood and suitable accessories to create a crazy outfit. A casual look for an evening with friends to celebrate International Women's Day can be a nice short dress, perhaps in a delicate fancy to wear with a natural way with a pair of ankle boots or beautiful dancers. You can choose between those tones that recall the color yellow or you can combine a scarf or a clutch of this color to give a glamorous touch to the collection.

A decidedly unique look

If you prefer to wear trousers to feel more comfortable, you can put on a light sweater, to protect you from the cool of the evening, and add on a nice trench coat, trendy and very original touch. Beautiful yellow and navy blue combination, to be created thanks to the beautiful proposals that are on Young Shoes: a yellow shirt and a pant or skirt navy blue, to be completed with a beautiful shawl and yellow accessories. A very original and very refined look, but you can also get an equally chic effect putting on an eye-catching blue blazer.

Women's Day prelude to spring

The March 8 is a prelude to spring, some with a little 'in advance, but the days begin to be more bright and balmy evenings. So off to lighter clothes and put on something that allows you to take it off when it is hotter. In addition to shirts, go well over the top with jacket, light wool or cotton, or the long cardigan sweater, whimsical and comfortable to wear. For this very special evening, you can also choose something more elegant, such as a short sheath dress, modeling and seductive, or a class longuette, not too challenging but with that touch of elegance that gives it a certain charm. The choice of Young Shoes is very wide and you can wander tastes and styles due to the presence of numerous brands offering the latest trends at great prices. Hurry and pick your favorite garments, just a click to order from the comfort of home and receive all free of charge!

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