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How to care for a signed bag

Posted On: feb 23, 2017


How to care for a signed bag

Take care of a signed bag is not difficult, just start now to implement the best solutions to maintain it's quality and beauty of form. The remedies to treat a signature case varies depending on the material: it is clear that for a leather bag you'll use a different treatment than is provided for a fabric bag. However, there are tricks that you can use for any type of designer bag to keep it unchanged over time. Let's find out together

A tip to keep in altered bags signed in time is to fill them in newspaper to prevent them squash. Begin to crumple the paper or take the padded strips that you put in the bag lengthwise, until it becomes slightly swollen. Then dropped the bag in a canvas bag and store it in the closet: even if you put it next to other objects or clothing will remain perfect until the next use.
If your designer bag is leather you have to preserve it from moisture, otherwise it could be damaged. If the spots appear, take the paper and dab tissues on the bag to absorb moisture from the skin.

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Do not expose to heat and sunlight because it could be damaged, and let it dry thoroughly before using it. To remove greasy stains, biro or other types of stains try to remove them with a sponge cleaning-specific or with a rubber suitable for the leather. If it's a bag of smooth skin you can use a special treating lotion that keeps it supple and also helps to remove some stains. Be careful not to apply excessive amount of product that could increase the stains.

For the bag in patent need not special maintenance. should not apply any type of product, you just pass a slightly damp cloth to make it shine. Always have a warning to store it with the padding to keep it in good shape. Always store it in the protective case to protect it from contact with other materials that could damage it and put it in a dry place.

If your bag is signed velvet, nubuck or suede, the cure is even more difficult. To preserve these bags in time you can not use any cream but only a specific spray product, for use about every two months and on which you can only spend a few light brush stroke. Not trod the hand because you can damage the bag, you can just a light tap to remove dirt and stains. Avoid water and soap, they are totally unsuitable and could only damage your beautiful signature case.

To treat bags designer fabric you can use some homemade device in case of stains or dirt that does not go away. For example, it is very mild soap to scrub with a sponge, gently, trying not to spread the mark. Rub on the exact spot and rinse with clean sponge, then let it dry. Depending on the fabric, often just a bit 'of talc to clear the stain, always brush with extreme delicacy.

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