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How to dress at a ceremony? Here are some ideas

Posted On: feb 3, 2017


How to dress at a ceremony? Here are some ideas

How to dress for a ceremony and be always perfect? Finding the right look is sometimes not easy, because there is often the risk of exaggerating and get the opposite effect. The guidelines to follow to avoid mistakes are always create a pleasant harmony between colors and models to choose stylish without overdoing it, to keep that discretion and that touch of glamor that characterize the class outfit.

If you have an important role in the ceremony, such as wedding witnesses or you have to celebrate a special anniversary and you are the main characters, then it is appropriate to choose luxury clothes from the best brands, perfect to wear for special occasions and does not go unnoticed . Timeless and always sure effect is the long dress, ideal for a perfect evening look, always in style, to choose from the many precious fabrics and decorated with some chic detail. Very nice is the model total black Sandro Ferrone, located on Young Shoes, a refined and elegant style, perfect for a ceremony and ideal for those who love a simple style. Another very elegant dress is the Sweet Lola, still in the long black, worked and composed pleated gown itself and at the top by a kind of transparency jacket decorated with silver-colored horizontal lines.

The ceremonies are always a perfect opportunity to show off your silhouette. Are therefore admirably suited sheath dresses and short dresses in general, expanded, fringed, fluttering and captivating. Among the most beautiful models on Young Shoes can find from simple black sheath dress edged with some valuable string of rhinestones or sequins and transparencies dress woman ceremonial Frank Lyman, a revisited and particular leader who does not go unnoticed. Consists of a dark blue sheath dress with round neckline, has various rhinestone embroidery and stones around the neckline and below the neckline many white wires are applied that add panache to the dress.

And for those who do not want to give up the romantic touch can range between a patterned dresses offered in muted or bright colors, usually with flared skirts reminiscent of the lines of the '50s. On Young Shoes you are a wide range of proposed floral dresses with beautiful patterns and prints, perfect to wear for special occasions and to be completed with heels and minibag. Fantasies and light colors are ideal for daytime ceremonies, for appetizers by the pool and in general the ideal length is medium, which results in longuette or short but not severely short. For the evening instead of the dark space and long dresses, preferably made of light and soft fabrics, such as silk or voile, which wrap around the body gently and enhance the forms.

Much attention should be paid to accessories, accompanying the suit and are fundamental to give that extra charm to any outfit. On our shop you can find a wide selection of sandals and jewel sandals finished with precious details and arranged in many different colors to make unique every look.

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