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How to wear overalls here are our tips

Posted On: gen 28, 2017


How to wear overalls here are our tips

Cape fashionable much loved by women for its versatility, dungarees has returned to the fore imposing itself as a leader must have that you can not give up. Comfortable, practical, but also chic and elegant, depending on the outfit, dungarees you can wear in many ways, to reveal the undisputed charm of this leader who in the '90s did go crazy. Here are some tips on how to wear your overalls and dazzle!

Practical and comfortable in the summer look, the denim overalls is perfect for a sporty look and urban: wear it with a white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers, the result is a fresh and nice trendy outfits, to put in any time of day, for going out with friends, for the time, even for walking to the sea.

Some tips on how to wear overalls

If you give a more casual chic touch to the look, choose a black or white overalls, even in jeans, blend a striped shirt. The chic effect is assured but without sacrificing the casual touch. If you do not love the lines, put under a white top or black crop, in contrast to the color of the overalls, and you will give birth to a delightful and carefree effect. If you prefer, you can choose the playsuit rather than in long trousers, ideal for summer and even lighter.

If you love long multi-colored overalls, add a mesh into boho style and accompanying all with the same style accessories. Complete the look with an elegant clutch and thin heels, you'll be terribly sexy!

Even in midseason you may wear overalls both long and short: just match shirts and shirts with long sleeves and finish with an oversized coat to be fashionable. For playsuit indicated are colored stockings, a nice pair of ankle boots and a beautiful scarf to add a touch of glamor to the look.

For a trendy look, you can wear your overalls with a shirt or a black shirt with white polka dots. The effect is really amazing and if you add a nice pair of dark lace up your outfit becomes rocking.

Have you ever worn overalls with a jacket? With this precious piece of clothing your overalls gives you a great look, and in a moment you will have a more casual chic effect! Just a fit blazer and a sandal wedge to be cool.

If you want a unique and original look, wearing overalls with the trench coat, ideal for beautiful days of spring, for an ideal casual style can also be worn every day. And to give a gritty touch to your overalls, instead add a leather jacket, studded accessories and booties in black leather. No one will resist your charms biker!

And finally, if you want to use the overalls for a special evening, make it so very chic and elegant, add a mesh voile or some decorative lace, and put the feet a pair of sandals with heels: you will be amazed too of 'dazzling effect of this outfit, suitable for evenings outdoors, to dance, to poolside snacks and for any occasion where dungarees become absolute star!

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