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La Voghera Italy

Symbol of the Made in Italy tradition, the La Voghera group is the emblem of the quality and manufacture that has always distinguished it. Its products are prestigious, finished in detail and with a unique design, they are unmistakable for their quality and fine materials, and appreciated for the comfort and wearability that they ensure for consumers. The history of the group began in the early twentieth century, when Arrigo Formiggini created a company in Naples representing linen, curtains and fabrics. In the 1950s the company was transformed by Arnaldo, Augusto's eldest son, who introduced innovative and original working systems that led to its growth.

Group of great success

This is how the first showrooms were created and the most famous and prestigious brands of men's and women's clothing were acquired. Around the end of the 60's begins the adventure in the luxury ready-to-wear sector. In the '90s, Franco Voghera took over the management of the group, taking the brand beyond national borders and imposing it as a forerunner of fashion trends. For over 40 years the group has been managed strategically and operationally by Annamaria Piano and also has over 80 employees, plus several branches in other parts of Italy and abroad.

In addition to clothing also prestigious footwear

Today the company is in the hands of the sons of Arnaldo, Sonia, Danilo and Marco Voghera, who have reached new goals and in addition to the clothing brands also boast refined and elegant shoes, which testify to the care for taste and style as well as the love for the preciousness of materials. The group follows the changes in the market keeping pace with new technologies and new business models, without losing those values of ethics and fairness that have marked its success and thanks to which it continues to be on the crest of the wave.

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