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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

Antonio Basile 1952 sale online jewelry bags!

A high craftsmanship guarantee. Top quality leather, the quality of the finishing and precise workmanship give the product those characteristics that identify it in a high-class product. The history of Italian leather has a long tradition behind it, known and famous all over the world. Particularly appreciated is the Tuscany leather and Campana. These companies start out as small workshops owned family wisely do their job tramandandolo for generations. But every generation has been able to give a personal touch to every product, to reinvent and make it his own, in order to create innovation that you can add to the long family tradition. Here it's how born Antonio Basile,

in the shops of the Neapolitan artisans, expanding and becoming as a reality at national level, thanks to quality products work of skilled hands.

Specifically Young shoes Salerno has chosen for you the most beautiful models, special and innovative bags, jewelery pouch, clutch, bags etc that Basile realized so unique thanks to its extensive knowledge of women's tastes. Every woman needs to feel comfortable and feel "safe" thanks to what you find in your closet and wardrobe. Accessories, shoes and bags are indispensable, more models for every occasion.

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Antonio Basile knows the tastes of each woman and builds clutch special jewel, because he knows that every woman wants to stand out from the details.

The Basile accessories are also ideal for women a bit 'more eccentric who like to be noticed and No on ever go unnoticed. Sequins, frills, metal applications, tunnels, ribbons and many other details that make the clutch Antonio Basile particular and sought together. Clutch bag with applications honeycomb perforated match to dark clothes as blue or black-colored or with details, no matter, the gem clutch will surprise everyone and be combined with the making your look from simple to special and innovative. The site young shoes Salerno you can choose the bag Antonio Basile who you like the most, to carry by hand or shoulder strap, and you can choose stylish clothes to match the clutch. Did you find the dress that's right for you? Choose also from us the shoes, maybe a couple of jeweled sandals combined with the same color or contrasting color for an innovative and special touch. Choose the products you want, mixali each other and immediately order in 24/48 hours all will be at your home!